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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I Do After I Receive My Completion Certificate? (For 30-hour Classroom and 6-hour Behind-the-Wheel Training).

First, you will need to schedule an appointment to take your written test at the NC DMV Driver License office at your nearest location. Next, you/your parent/guardian will need to contact your high school and get a Driving Eligibility Certificate (DEC). This verifies that a student is enrolled in school and has demonstrated adequate academic progress toward graduation.

How Do I Transfer My Teen from Another Driving School?

Call the previous driving school or high school where the student has taken and completed the 30-hour classroom portion and request and fill out a release of records form. Once this is complete, email me, and I will get in contact with the other school and advise you of your next steps and when you can book behind-the-wheel training.

What Do I Need as an Adult Driver to Begin behind-the-Wheel Training?

A valid North Carolina Driving Permit issued by the NC DMV.

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